Indemnity & Declaration

  • I/We hereby make an application to participate in the above mentioned rally and certify that the particulars of my vehicle as given above are correct, that I/We have read the supplementary Regulation issue by the organisers for the said rally and agree to be bound by any of the international sporting code of the FIA, the general Prescriptions for 4W, sporting Regulations and Championship Regulations of FMSCI; as well as the undertaking on this entry form.
  • I have read the Regulation issued for this event and agree to be bound by them. In consideration of the acceptance of this entry, I agree to save harmless and keep indemnified the Government, the FMSCI, the Organisers, the FIA and their Officials, the Sponsors, Agents, Representatives, Employee and all the persons assisting them in this event and all the owners and tenants of private property traversed by this event, from and against all actions, claims, cost, expenses and demands in respect of the death or injury to myself or any other person or persons or loss or damage to any property including the car concerned in this event and test, if any or otherwise howsover and not withstanding that the same may have been contributed or occasioned by the negligence of the organiser and their officials, agents, representatives, employees and all persons assisting them in this event. The indemnity shall be binding on me including my heirs, executors and legal representative.
  • I declare that the drivers posses the standard competence necessary for an event of this type to which this entry relates, also that the vehicle entered is suitable and rally worthy for the event. I agree and undertake to abide by the rules and regulations framed for this event including the conditions precedent set out herein and all other rules and regulations, which may hereinafter be framed.


1.1 It is compulsory to carry organizer’s advertisement on the competing vehicles.

1.2 Competitors are allowed to affix any kind of advertisements on their vehicle provided that

  • It is authorized by the National laws and FMSCI Regulations.
  • It is not likely to cause any offence.
  • It is not political or religious in nature.
  • It does not encroach upon the space reserved for plates and competition numbers.

Entrants should produce the following for inspection at the time of submitting the vehicle for pre-event scrutiny and administrative check on the date time as mentioned in Art 3.
Competitors are required to bring:
i) Vehicle Registration Number
ii) Tax Book
iii) Insurance cover note
iv) Special Rally Insurance cover valid for the dates of the event
v) Driving Licence
vi) Authority letter from owner of the vehicle if the first driver / navigator is not the owner of the vehicle used in the Rally
vii) Pollution Under Control certificate
viii) Pan Card copy of entrant first driver
ix) Indemnity of carrying all papers

3. The winner shall be solely responsible for any applicable taxes on the prizes won.


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